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FreeSHIM v0.1.0 Released

FreeSHIM version 0.1.0 was just released! It is the first released working version of FreeSHIM, our medical device interface layer. It allows multiple medically-related peripheral devices to be exposed to an EMR/PM system simply by installing FreeSHIM on each workstation with connected devices and configuring...

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FreeSHIM v0.1.1 Released

Posted by jeff | Posted in Releases | Posted on 21-04-2011


FreeSHIM version 0.1.1 has been released! It is an update to the 0.1.0 release, with a few new drivers “in progress”, as well as the addition of an Ubuntu PPA and a “free only” packaging for Debian/Ubuntu.

Download: Sourceforge
PPA: rufustfirefly debian-med

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[...] v0.1.1 has been released (see the complete release announcement over at freeshim.org) — and it is also being released in the Debian-Med PPA, so users running Ubuntu or Debian can [...]

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